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Camera and support

equipment list

Arri mini with full tilta cage "full studio package"

8 gold Batteries with 2 chargers 
4x256g cards with a reader 
tilta matte box
TV Logic 17"monitor 
Panasonic 9" monitor

TV Logic 7" Monitor 

Tv Logic 5.6 monitor with director cage 
vaxis wireless video

tilta wireless video with 2 receivers

tilta nucleus follow focus

bartech wireless follow focus

oconnor 1030ds
tilta shoulder rig
Zeiss super speed MKIII set18mm 25mm 35mm 50mm 65mm 85mm 

Sigma zoom Lenses  18-35 T2. 50-100 T2

Red Dragon full package

6xV Mount batteries with 2 chargers

Filters :
1/4 classic soft
Tiffen soft/fx 1
Tiffen Black diffusion 1/2
Hollywood black majic 1/4
Schneider circle True-blue pol
Black pro mist 1
Black pro mist 1/4
Chocolate 1 1/2 1/4
Antique black pearl 1 1/4
Antique pearlescent 1/8
Nd .3 .9 .6 1.2 2.1


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